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From Concept to Completion

* Specification and budgeting
* Space planning and reconfigurations
* Furniture selection and sourcing
* Fabrics and finishes that works with existing furnishings
* Framed prints/Art selection and sourcing
* Work with your architects or design teams
* Project Management and Timelines

What we bring

How do you want your space to feel?

At Kershner Office Furniture, we work with you to design a space that meets the needs of your office, employees, and business budget. Whether you are furnishing space for 5 people or an entire building, we make it our main goal to work with you to create an office design you can live with, but more importantly work with. Our design and sourcing teams will meet your business needs.

Adaptable Architecture

Adaptable architecture applies to products and services that define boundaries in a workspace to provide acoustical and visual privacy. New architectural products, such as demountable walls enable us to create spaces that are changeable. These innovations help you adapt by delivering convenience and adaptable interiors.

Innovative Office Furniture

Today’s workplace demands a blend of collaborative, open, private and individual environments. New furniture products provide flexibility to create the type of environment you need. Flexible work environments employing mobile products allow you to easily transform a private space to collaborative spaces. Products in this category include desks, chairs, tables, seating & storage to facilitate hoteling and benching needs. They provide more options than ever before for the ongoing management of space.